My Hope is Green

I had to take myself outside today.

I was feeling too much like a human. (No offense.)

I have been reading about politics and watching the television.

I don’t understand people. (No offense.)

I don’t believe I am human.   I think a mistake was made.


I had to get outside on this dark, wet day to find some hope.

I found it.


I came back in with muddy shoes, pants, hands and camera.(Sorry Honey.)

My hope comes from the ground,


Not from my family, friends, books or the television.(I love you but…No offense.)

My hope is green.


I had to see that things were still growing and pushing up out of the earth.

Even in cold. Even in darkness.

If a little plant can do it, so can I.




9 thoughts on “My Hope is Green

  1. Beautifully put! I second your thoughts. Even I was sick of politics this weekend, and buried my head in a gardening book on winter bulbs and indoor plants with gorgeous photos that put me in a happy mood. Its pouring rain here in Northern California, hard to go out in my garden, but my gardening book gave me an escape. Thank goodness for nature to make us realize that we still do live in a beautiful world despite our human deficiencies.

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  2. Merci Flower pour ce beau message. Oui, la nature nous fait du bien même sous la pluie et cela nous change les idées. J’aime beaucoup la deuxième photo avec l’eau au coeur des feuilles.
    Belle journée.


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