A Dish In a Bowl of Fish

I have to bring my Shubunkins in for the winter.

They live in a small pond that I made years ago as “Maiden Stone Garden Art” concrete artist.


It is too small to leave water in it during a freeze.   Plants nor fish would survive.


The three Shubunkins come into the foyer to greet guests with noises and splashing.

It has been difficult to keep this bowl looking good and keep the water clean .


After much experimentation, I have found a way to keep the water clearer.

First, I use a turkey baster to gobble up the debris from the bottom.


This removes concentrated detritus without stirring up the water.

I purchased a foam filter and placed it in a dish, weighted down by rocks.


Now, I can lift out the dish full of waste while mixing less into the remaining water.


Always clean and dry used equipment. Also label it. No one wants to eat a turkey basted with your fish bowl sucker-upper.


Fish waste is like manna to microbes.

Now, I can actually see my little friends.


FLOWER and her fish.

7 thoughts on “A Dish In a Bowl of Fish

  1. What a great idea. I’ve dreaded the thought of disturbing my pond to clean up the bottom. Can’t even imagine your pond freezing over in the heatwave we’re having at present. Mine is likely to cook my baby comets, it’s that hot.

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