In With The New

I love to share my favorite plants.

Today is the day I pot up the Schlumbergera pieces.

I have taken color requests. I have twisted off pieces with three or more links.

I have let these pieces callus off for several days.  Notice the plates are labeled.


Now, I dust some rooting hormone on the lower nodes.


I use craft mesh over the drainage hole for any pots going outside and then inside. It keeps the critters out.


I use cacti/citrus mix potting soil, but any type will do.  I prefer 3 inch pots, but could not find many.


Notice the labels for the pots with color and year.  All these babies look the same.


I let these stand around in their pots for a day and then give them a watering.


I like to use a weakened mix of Planting/Transplanting solution.

They will be fully rooted and growing nicely when their new parents come in the spring.



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