Southern Snowflakes

If we want snow at Christmas in North Carolina, it needs to be fake.

That’s why we decorate with snowflakes down here.

You folks up north get all the real stuff, so we have to make our own.


No need for it to be white.


A friend gave me this lovely Origami Snowflake light this year.


It looks great. It is my favorite color. It doesn’t melt.

It fits right in with the blue one at the front door.





6 thoughts on “Southern Snowflakes

    1. I try not to disclose my location on my blog, because I live near a recognizable landmark. Although I live inside a gate, I can be easily accessed by water. I hope no “plant thief” finds me. My treasures are out in the gardens. That includes my bunnies. We had a nice holiday, back to work today. I will be bagging bulbs. Stay warm Annette.

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