A Conk On An Oak

This is a rather large and lovely fruiting body of a fungus.


Although I was happy to find it, it is a bad sign for the oak on which it resides.

It is also referred to as root rot or butt rot.

This part of the fungi is called a basidocarp. These can get several feet wide and over half a foot tall.


The top is a mixture of oranges, browns and whites. The top is hard and leathery or rubbery.   The underside is white with tiny pores.


These two were found around the base of my neighbors’ oak.  This is twice as bad as finding one because it means the decay is more severe. (Sorry M & N.)

I also spotted the one below downtown, which I plan to report to our local arborist.


The Conk is lovely but a deadly delight.



7 thoughts on “A Conk On An Oak

    1. I sent a photo to the town arborist. We will see what he thinks. Pinky spores? I will check on that later with some white paper. Thank you for your input. I will be following your blog. I love all fungi. I have never been to New Zealand. I am so glad you found me.


  1. I have been spelling conk wrong all this time. It is spelled with a k not a ch. I have trouble with homophones. My grandpa used to send me letters full of these mistakes on purpose. I think of him every time I slip up.


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