Another Mother

I have posted on another Mother-of-Thousands,

This one is also called Mother-of-Millions, Alligator Plant and Mexican Hat Plant.


It also goes by several scientific/genus names; Bryophyllum, Crassulaceae or Kolanchoe.

Even the species/specific epithet may change from daigremontiana to pinnata.

No wonder it had no label when I purchased it from a greenhouse.


The leaflets on the mama leaves are held by tiny pink “spoons” along the edges.


Some grow roots before they drop off, but most do not.


They do not get far from the mama plant.


Cute, but crowded.


8 thoughts on “Another Mother

    1. All my “mothers” stay in pots. I can imagine how fast they would spread if they could survive our winters. It is one of my many “Keep contained in Containers” plants. Thanks for pointing this out to my southern followers. You are the Queen!

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