Lovin’ some Larvae

Butterflies do not just hatch from the egg with wings.

Fritillary Butterfly

They must first go through a larval stage called caterpillar.

Variegated Fritillary caterpillar on Passion vine

Then they have to bind themselves up for a while to go through metamorphosis.

While they are wrapped up(pupating) in the chrysalis (not pictured),

all their cells rearrange into a butterfly or moth.  Then they have their wings.

Sphinx moth caterpillar on Four o’clocks

Now everybody loves butterflies and colorful moths.

What if we went around killing all the weird and spiky worms in our yards?

Fritillary caterpillar after molting

Then there would be no lovely fliers later, because everyone killed them as babies.

Gulf Fritillary caterpillar on Passion vine

If you don’t ” love some larvae”, leave them alone.

They are waiting for their wings.



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