Sedums in September

While the rest of my garden is shutting down and drying up in North Carolina,

the sedums are just starting to put on a show.


These flowers are the star attraction for bees, bugs and butterflies now.


I have quite a collection of these not-so-thirsty plants

due to my past profession as a garden artist.


Sedums thrive in “stone trough” planters made of hypertufa.

This is a mixture of Portland cement, vermiculite, sand and peat moss.

Sedum lineare ‘Variegatum’

My sedums survived this dry summer much better than my “water-loving” plants.

Autumn Joy sedum

Now that the temperature is finally dipping down a bit,

the sedums are putting out their lovely heads of tiny flowers.

Sedum spectable “Brilliant”

Many types have pink blooms, but some have yellow

Sedum kamtschaticum

or even white.

Frosty Morn stonecrop

September is the month for sedums in the south.



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