Chasing Butterflies

If you are not crazy yet, try chasing butterflies.

I am not talking about the sweet Swallowtails.


They soar purposefully in the direction of their destination

then land on a flower and spend hours eating and ignoring everything else.


I am also not referring to the beautiful Buckeyes

Common Buckeye/ Junonia coenia

who flit like twirly leaves before landing on a sedum to spend the day.

American Lady/ Vanessa virginiensis

Nor the American Lady which stays put, but seldom opens her wings for a peek at their upper-side colors.


Not the tiny little Gray Hairstreak either, with its tail appendages that move like antennae.

Gray Hairstreak/ Strymon melinus

Not even the Cloudless Sulfur that zig zags around and then lands on green things so you can’t find it.

Cloudless Sulfur/ Phoebis sennae

The “pic-tease” of the butterfly world is the Monarch.

It has played my like a paparazzi this week.

Monarch/ Danaus plexippus

On Sunday I quietly stalked it for sometime, then shamelessly ran down the drive after it.

When I finally came to my senses and returned to the  house to fold laundry,

it coasted across in front of my bedroom window and looked in.


On Monday  I took a photo break to give the neighbor’s dog a bone.

I looked out the front door as I closed it to see the Monarch glide across the porch.

Who’s zoomin’ who?


This game went on for days until finally, it settled itself for a few precious minutes on some garlic blooms.

It stayed just long enough for me to snap a few, not-so-great photos.

I am glad the Monarch is savvy.   I fear for its future.

It’s a long way to the forests of central Mexico and much of its forest has been logged or blown down by storms.

I love all butterflies, but the tricky little Monarch has a special place in my paparazzi heart.







7 thoughts on “Chasing Butterflies

  1. They are great pics, especially in the circumstances!
    I am chasing a bird, I know not what it is but it has a strange call. Every time I hear it I go outside with the iPad to record it. And every single time it goes completely silent.

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