I Found Gold!

I was out in my yard with my camera, as usual.

Something shiny caught my eye on the leaf of a Flying Saucer.


A speck of gold, dazzlingly brilliant on this drab day.


A 14 carat gold nugget perched on a leaf, just waiting to be plucked off and pocketed by little, old me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I snapped a photo.


As I reached for it, it scampered around to the underside of the leaf.

The nugget had antennae and legs!  A tiny, shiny alien on my flying saucer.


My gold was running away.   It was alive!

A Golden Tortoise beetle/ Charidotella sexpunctata.

It climbed onto my arm.  “Come to mama.” I cooed.


It spread it’s golden wings and flew away.

Fame and fortune are fleeting fantasies.

I’d better just stick to my flowers.

Follow the flying fortune!

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