My Faith and Fungi

Words are not enough for me.

We make up words. We translate words from other languages.

We misinterpret words. We twist words or give them a spin.

When I want to know the truth about something;  I consult my mother, Nature.


Life here ends in death. All things that live on Earth die.

I wondered about what is next for all living things. Not just we people.


I had another friend go to the other side. Too fast and too soon.

I have a lot of loved ones on the other side.


The longer we live, the more there will be crossing over without us.

Life is so much more than atoms and cells and energy.

I stumbled upon a stump during my wanderings and wonderings.


There on the dead relic of a tree were many types of fungi.

Taking what was left of the tree, now gone, and recycling it into molecules.


Using the stump to grow, decomposing the remnants into raw materials

to return to the soil, to nurture another life.


If our world has a process to recycle a tree stump using fungi and bacteria,

there must be a re-purposing for something as precious as a spirit.

Peace People.



11 thoughts on “My Faith and Fungi

  1. Lovely fungus, really! Sorry about your friend. I read an article by Fay Vincent recently and I am paraphrasing from it – a full life means losing a lot of friends along the way. Interesting perspective, I am still chewing on that concept.

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    1. This is my second friend,younger than I, who has died of cancer this summer. Both had two children. Thanks for the hopeful words. When you know and love many folks, you mourn more. Big heart=broken heart.

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      1. It tastes like a morel– only better, and it’s huge. All you need to find is one, and you have a feast. Please don’t eat wild mushrooms unless you are sure of their identification. I enjoy your bloom.

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