We See What We Look For

It has been a hard week for the FLOWER.

It was my plan to remove every weed

from every garden and then to re-mulch all the flower beds.

So this has been “Weed Week.”

I couldn’t have more weeds if I had planted and tended them.

So my focus this week has been on the weeds.

This morning I forced myself, the FLOWER, to go out to my garden and

focus on the FLOWERS!

You see, when you look for bad, you see bad.

When you look for beauty, you will find beauty.

You may even find a bunny or two as well.

ALL these photos were taken this morning. No weeds allowed.


IMG_2750 IMG_2749 IMG_2748 IMG_2747 IMG_2746 IMG_2745 IMG_2737 IMG_2734 IMG_2732 IMG_2723 IMG_2725 IMG_2701 IMG_2703 IMG_2711 IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2714 IMG_2724 IMG_2716 IMG_2717 IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2726 IMG_2715 IMG_2730 IMG_2705 IMG_2696

What weeds?

7 thoughts on “We See What We Look For

  1. Pleeeeease tell me, what is the pink fuzzy one? I got a potted one years ago from my husband’s late grandmother, and she called it a chenille plant, but I’ve never seen it again until your photo! I’d love to have one again.


    1. It is a Chenille plant. (Ascalphya) I found it in a lovely greenhouse called Bruce’s in Chesterfield, South Carolina. I had not seen one on years myself. I got it this spring. I hope it will survive over the winter in my house.


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