Anxious in August

When the Dogwood berries start to turn, I get anxious.


No calendar needed.  August is ending.


It is almost time to start back to school.

For a teacher this means wrap up loose ends.


There will be no more free time until June.

This is my second year of not teaching, but I still get anxious.


It is a sort of “nesting” behavior,  like during pregnancy.

Get it done NOW.

Clean out that closet, write those Thank You notes…

Get ready, finish up, get ready, finish up…


Unlike last year, there are no trips planned.   No getting ready.

My page is empty.  Totally blank.

I must choose what to do next?   Where will I go?  Where will I land?


Do not envy this freedom.  It is intimidating.  It is lonely.  I have no tribe.


I am afraid of this clean slate.  The canvas is blank.

I must reinvent myself again.

Another era has ended.


A new day is dawning.


The FLOWER is free and full of fear.


11 thoughts on “Anxious in August

      1. I get that. I am reading a book which says the quickest way to get that which you lack is to believe you have it. It suggests starting with “I am” statements– such as “I am prosperous.” Even if you don’t believe it, say it to yourself many times a day until you start believing it. I’ll be giving it a try.


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