Disappointment in the Flower Bed

My husband has a large cactus. (Ritterocereus pruinosis)


I am not wild about this plant. It is big, tall, ugly and spiny.

He loves it, so I have tolerated its presence for the duration of our marriage.

It has to be moved inside every winter. It is quite a big production.

In and out, in and out, in and out, over and over.

After thirty years of caring for this plant, a small bud formed about midway up.


Finally, his cactus was going to do something exciting!

We have checked its progress daily.

I have photographed the bud’s enlargement.

When will it open? What color will it be?


I was hesitant to leave town for fear of missing the big event.

Alas. When I checked on it this morning, the bud was going limp and shriveling.


I hate it when that happens.

Such disappointment.


I am considering cutting the top off to root it.

Any suggestions?



6 thoughts on “Disappointment in the Flower Bed

  1. Do like I did with one of my plants I carried in and out for years… Last fall I took to the bank and tossed it over!!! I never looked back!!!!!

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  2. My husband had a similar plant – a Ficus benjamina. It met an unfortunate fate, oops, left outside and an early frost got it. Oh, well. As much as I like gardening, I hate houseplants.


  3. Oh! Que c’est dommage après tant d’années de soins apportés au cactus et beaucoup de travail pour le rentrer et le sortir. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas de suggestion. Merci pour votre billet.
    Mes amitiés.

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