My Friends’ Magnolia

Almost thirty years ago, we were given a young Bigleaf Magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla) tree from the yard of some friends.

We admired a larger one of these trees through a sky-light in their dining room.  It looked like big green umbrellas.

Magnolia macrophylla
Magnolia macrophylla

The Cunninghams dug up a small one for us that evening.

The tree is now over twenty feet tall.


Last year it had its first ever bloom.

This spring it has eleven.


Worth the wait?

You tell me.


Wait for the FLOWER.


12 thoughts on “My Friends’ Magnolia

  1. My goodness you’re patient. But what a reward. I’ve been waiting ten years for a Davidia (handkerchief tree) to bloom. It’s moved house with me twice before being planted in the ground here. And I thought that was a long wait..

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  2. It is lovely but you would probably have had flowers sooner by buying a tree that had been propagated by cuttings rather than a seed derived one. That said a tree with memories of friends is very special.


    1. Isn’t that cheating? Ha. I just liked the “umbrella” leaves. The flowers are a bonus. I suspect my “bunny fertilizer” helped it, too. Thanks for the tip. I have seen a blooming tree that I want. I’ll check on its propagation when obtaining one. I really doubt I have 30 more years to wait for anything.

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