My Living Memory

I went on the trip of my dreams last fall.

My family spent two weeks in beautiful Italy.

Everywhere we looked there was something new, unusual and exciting.

This flower stopped my in my tracks.


Everything else fell away

the only two things in the world were me and this face.

Passion flower.

I posted it as a wordless Wednesday from Tuscany.


Now,  I have this plant. It arrived last week, wrapped up in a box from Easy to Grow

Passiflora hybrid "Blue Crown"
Passiflora hybrid “Blue Crown”

Every year when it blooms,  I will pause and remember

that I got to have one of my dreams. I am so grateful.

FLOWER is fortunate!

12 thoughts on “My Living Memory

  1. Mom and Dad actually have wild passion flower growing in the meadow down from their house. The many different pieces of this flower certainly make it a beauty!

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  2. I feel so guilty for treating this beautiful flowering vine like an invasive… but I have to, or it will continue to take over my borders and even my lawn! (I live on the border of Zone 6a/6b, so it pops up every May.)

    That said, I made sure last year to rescue a few and pot them up, because they truly are fascinating and beautiful flowers. The first time I saw it blooming in my front garden, I had the same reaction as you: stopped in my tracks.

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    1. I remember eating these and calling them Maypops. That’s why I was stunned to see a relative/familiar face in a foreign country. My aunt says she mows this local type down. I will be keeping mine in a pot with a trellis. Thanks for the heads up. I certainly don’t need a Rambo vine in my garden.

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  3. Passionfruit flowers are staggeringly beautiful and unusual, we have been growing them for years, first in London and now in our home in rural Wales. They can get a bit out of hand, but I think it’s worth it. Ours currently live in large pots and climb up (and over) a fence. There are different colours so they can provide quite a bit of variety. Enjoy yours!


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