Lowly and Lovely

The “lace” of the plant kingdom is the low-growing selaginella, nicknamed spikemoss. They are moss-like, but are more complex with branching, horizontal stems and roots.


I only have one type of selaginella that is hardy enough to leave outside. It is the Gemmiferous form that turns “rusty” colored in the winter, thus the name ferous/iron.

Selaginella moellendoffll/Gemmiferous spikemoss

These ancient plants are even more primitive than the ferns. Their leaves are scale-like and small.


They stay low to the ground due to their lack of supportive tissues.


My favorite type is this lovely blue, appropriately called Peacock Spikemoss.

Selaginella uncinata/Peacock Spikemoss

I also have a form that is sold under the name”Frosty Fern.” This is not a fern, it is a variegated spikemoss.

Selaginella kraussiana

These lowly but lovely plants reproduce by spores, not seeds.

They are great in terrariums. Β I put them in with carniverous plants to keep them company. Β They love to grow up the glass.


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        We had a wonderful bio teacher in school and she’s just amazing, you reminded me a lot about her πŸ™‚
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