A Star that is Blue

This fern has many features that I love.

Its trade name is Blue Star Fern. One of its scientific names is Phlebodium aureum.



Loved feature #1.   It is blue.   Blue is my daddy’s favorite color, because he loves bluebirds.


My last post featured a plant that was also”peacock” blue, you may recall.


Loved feature # 2.  This fern also has interesting leaf/frond shapes. Not just one shape, but many.

I wonder how the plant decides which frond gets to be a glove and which is a mitten.



Loved feature # 3 is this marvelous venation pattern. Lower plants have to use structural support that relies more on tinsel strength than bulk.


And last but not least, Loved feature # 4 is its cute little hairy feet.

Not as cute as a rabbit’s foot of course, but still cute. This root actually looks like Barley.

Mother's day 007

Follow the Fern… I mean Flower.

9 thoughts on “A Star that is Blue

      1. Our teacher I was telling you about too was extremely passionate about Botany.
        Teaching anywhere is kinda hard, but the world needs such good teachers like you to empower education among students 🙂 🙂

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