Why do we use the color red to signal stop?

RED 002
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Garden Crimson

Red has longest wavelengths we can perceive with our eyes.

vines in a 019
Turk’s cap/ Malvaviscus arboreus

Longer wavelengths are infrared waves, microwaves and radio waves.

We can’t see these longer waves, but can we sense them?

Bloom day July 15 026

I often wonder if we can feel red somehow.


When it is mixed with other colors it demands our attention.

RED 005
Morning glories and Cardinal Climber Vine

When it’s bright and big it makes us pause.

Charisma Amaryllis
Charisma Amaryllis

What does red light beaming at us feel like subconsciously?

RED 012

Why does it universally mean stop?

Red Hot.

Jalopeno peppers
Jalopeno peppers

Red Devil.

Button bush 017
“Lucifer “Crocosmia

Do we all have an ancient memory of blood red danger?

RED 010
Bleeding Heart Vine

Does red make some of us blush and make others feel angry?

Hummingbird Vine
Hummingbird Vine

How does red make us feel?

Sweet 1000's
Sweet 1000’s

I wonder…


4 thoughts on “STOP! It’s RED

      1. So glad you enjoyed it! Colors fascinate me, and it always irks me that marketing and advertising are so good at manipulating us with it. Kids are more easily manipulated than most, and the rebel in me really wanted to clue them in. 🙂


  1. It can be a difficult colour to place in the garden and even more difficult to photograph! You did a great job. I love the bleeding heart vine. It can only be a houseplant for me sadly.


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