My Bleeding Heart

This is Bleeding Heart vine, Clereodendron thomasoniae.  It is also called Glorybower.

It is one of my favorite vines.

I cut it back and feed it in early spring.

Then all it needs is sun and water.

Take cuttings to share with friends. These root easily in water.

It grows up its trellis and blooms all summer long.

My heart loves this Bleeding Heart vine.

Flower loves her Glorybower.



3 4 Pots

I have three plants that I do not intentionally let out of their pots.

All three have a reputation for going rogue if let loose.

I LOVE all three or I would never chance a release of a new “Kudzu” into my gardens.

I have not had the least bit of trouble with this first one,

Bleeding Heart vine/ Clerodendrum speciosum, thomsonia. 

I have taken cuttings and produced new plants, but it has never escaped on its own.

The second one is also a vine.

Love-in-a- Puff/ Cardiospermum halicacabum  produces puffy pods which contain round black seeds with a white heart on each.

After three years of having this plant, I have only found two escapees near to where the mama plant was the previous summer.

The last one however, Jewels of Opar/Talinum paniculatum has escaped many times.

I always dig up the seedlings and transplant them into pots.

This plant has a long root that may prove impossible to remove.

The beauty of its blooms and pods is what I find irresistible.

The “limon” leaves are edible, but I have yet to eat one.

(My husband has still not forgiven me for bringing some Crownvetch on the property nearly thirty years ago. We are still finding it.)

So these three are for pots, but worth the risk.



Coincidental Combos

I am all about the plant.  I plant them where they will thrive.  If they don’t do well in one spot, I move them.

I do this over and over.  So when a lovely combination occurs, it is usually serendipity rather than skillful selection.

Here are some combinations that I find fortuitous.  I can’t take any credit for the mixes and matches.  I will, however, take full credit for the health of each plant. They are my babies, along with the bunnies.

Hot Chocolate Calla and a yellow spider lily
Alstroemeria and yellow Coreopsis
“Lily of the Incas’
Giant Yellow daylily (no name) and Black Knight Buddleia
Lucifer Crocosmia and Hot Chocolate Calla
Jewels of Opar ‘Limon’ /Talinum paniculatum with ‘Orange Marmalade’ Crossandra infundibuliformis in the background
Bleeding Heart vine (not yet red) / Clereodendrum thomsoniae and Fairy Lily/ Zephyranthus robustus

FLOWER goes with the flow.

I Want the Faith of a Vine

I want the faith a vine has

when it grows up to the height of its trellis

Bleeding Heart Vine/Clerodendrum thomsoniae

and reaches up toward the sun.

Growing past all support.

Passion Flower Vine/ Passiflora hybrid ‘Blue Crown’

Its only mission is to get to the light

which gives it life.

Love in A Puff/ Cardiospermum helicacabum

No turning back.

Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea'

Follow the Light.


Why do we use the color red to signal stop?

RED 002
Mandevilla Sun Parasol Garden Crimson

Red has longest wavelengths we can perceive with our eyes.

vines in a 019
Turk’s cap/ Malvaviscus arboreus

Longer wavelengths are infrared waves, microwaves and radio waves.

We can’t see these longer waves, but can we sense them?

Bloom day July 15 026

I often wonder if we can feel red somehow.


When it is mixed with other colors it demands our attention.

RED 005
Morning glories and Cardinal Climber Vine

When it’s bright and big it makes us pause.

Charisma Amaryllis
Charisma Amaryllis

What does red light beaming at us feel like subconsciously?

RED 012

Why does it universally mean stop?

Red Hot.

Jalopeno peppers
Jalopeno peppers

Red Devil.

Button bush 017
“Lucifer “Crocosmia

Do we all have an ancient memory of blood red danger?

RED 010
Bleeding Heart Vine

Does red make some of us blush and make others feel angry?

Hummingbird Vine
Hummingbird Vine

How does red make us feel?

Sweet 1000's
Sweet 1000’s

I wonder…


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 15, 2015

Many garden bloggers send photos of their gardens to  MayDreamsGardens to be posted as a group.

I had to rush home yesterday and figure out how to do this.

I have my first widget with my face on it!

So, here are the photos that I took of our garden yesterday.

The first photo is one of many lizards around our stone parking area. I call him “The King” because he likes to climb on the stoneshrooms and sun himself while he stands watch over the garden.

He thinks he's all that!
He thinks he’s all that!

I am working on a future post about ferns, so I took photos of the spores on the underside of the frond.

Autumn Fern frond with sori.
Autumn Fern frond with sori.

My daughter has a lily and rose garden. This is her newest stargazer, Playtime.

Stargazer Lily/Playtime
Stargazer Lily/Playtime

This is my favorite plant. Eucomis/Pineapple lily.

Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee
Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee
Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids
Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids
Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily
Water lily
Water lily
Giant yellow
Giant yellow “No Name” daylily from DSBG
Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomasoniae
Jack the Pumpkin showing his true colors.
Bloom day July 15 023
Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Sunflower and friends
Sunflower and friends
Hot Chocolate Callas
Hot Chocolate Callas
Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily
Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily
Raphael Daylily
Raphael Daylily

GO visit some gardens around the country at Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Follow the Flower!