Fairy Lily Surprise

Years ago my little niece came to me with a fund-raiser catalog for her school. I was pleased to find bulbs offered among the usual nuts and wrapping paper. I ordered a packet of five pink “Fairy Lily” bulbs. The scientific name is Zephyranthus robustus.  It’s nickname is rain lily.

I planted these in a pot that had some extra space and forgot about them. Later, I noticed little green shoots. Then one day some sweet little pink faces were peeking out.  When the central plant finally out-grew that pot, I divided the bulbs and put them in many more pots with space in them and even planted some in the yard.

The fairy lilies tend to bloom after it rains.  I am surprised to see some blooming in different spots at different times.  The blooming periods are unpredictable, so it’s like getting a little surprise from my niece whenever more bloom. I smile every time I find some blooming and remember my little pink fairy niece.

fairy and daylilies 041

Fairy and her Lily
Fairy and her Lily
Fairy Lily Party
Fairy Lily Party

You know you are getting old when you plant things yourself and then are surprised to see them later.

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Lily Surprise

  1. So pretty and sweet! I remember my aunt shared something similar with me a long time ago, but it was white. I don’t have it anymore and don’t remember its name, but I think it was the same thing.


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