My Gardens Move Inside

It’s almost time for our first freeze here in North Carolina.

Many plants have been moved inside.

Last Christmas’s poinsettia. Not dark treatment needed.

Now my job is to water and turn pots.

My workshop is a jungle. It is my inside garden now.

I enjoy weaving around among the flowers and greenery.

The colors are a comfort as the world outside turns brown.

The Schlumbergeras are starting to bloom.

I distribute these throughout the house.

Any bloom is a mood booster.


Saved by Schlumbergeras

Just as the days get too short and the nights too long

and my garden outside dies from the cold,

my Schlumbergeras come into their glory

and bloom with explosive profusion

to show me that a FLOWER

can survive and thrive

inside in winter

and so shall I.



Blooming Again?

My Schlumbergeras are now blooming for the second time since I brought them inside.

I wondered, it is the daylength that has encouraged them to start blooming again?

I consulted the US Navy’s charts on Duration of Daylight for my area.

My cacti were blooming like crazy between November first and ninth of 2017.

The daylength for those days was between 10 hours and 42 minutes to 10 hours and 28 minutes.

Late January daylength has been just over 10 hours. Hmmm? I expected these to be about the same.

Even my babies that just rooted and pieces in water are blooming.

It could not be a change in temperature, because even the cacti in my cold workshop are budding and blooming.

Just when you think you know a plant, it surprises you.




Bunnies and Blooms in the Gloom

We have had three cold, wet days here in NC.

Neither I nor the bunnies have played outside.

They have kept busy chewing sticks, barbering each other,

eating, napping and tearing up their box.

I have played with my inside plants.

My Christmas cacti collection will be blooming for weeks to come.

I am so thankful for their vibrant colors.

I am just sharing today’s showoffs up close.




gold and salmon


When it stops raining, I will be going outside to photograph all the bloomers that are still braving the elements.

It’s the least I can do for these tenacious plants.


Song of Schlumbergera

Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

How lovely are your flowers? (Sing chorus twice)


You’re boring green, while others bloom.

When winter comes, you light the room.

Schlumbergera (peach)

Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

Schlumbergera truncata. (Hold the ….ah…tah…)


Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

You are the cacti favorite. (Sing twice)

Schlumbergera (true red)

In summer we, your care forget.

In fall we smile and savor it.


Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

Schlumbergera truncata. ( Draw out ah….tah….)


Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

You are the star of winter. (Sing twice)

Schlumbergera (red/white)

Your colors glow and brighten us,

When winter temp’ tures frighten us.

Schlumbergera (gold)

Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

Schlumbergera truncata…


Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

How varied are your colors?(Sing twice)

multiple cacti

There’s Golden Charm and and pinks and white,

Schlumbergera (gold)

Enter a caption

Schlumbergera (white)

and reds and peach. Oh, what a sight!


Schlumbergera (peach)

Schlumbergera, Schlumbergera,

Schlumbergera truncata… (HOLD “ah” loudly and spread arms apart, while looking at them lovingly.)

This is my secret to getting them to bloom like this.

Sing with the FLOWER!