Beauty By the Pot

I misplace things.

Bright pink

Especially plant tags. (‘Using Chopsticks’ post)

White white

So here are my Schlumbergeras, by the pot.

Red red

After they finish blooming.

White blush mix

I will refer to these photos to take the requested cuttings of the different colors.


Without surprising anyone a year later.


No one complains, of course.

Gold blush

Notice they are all on the same tray for size comparison. Also, I put a colored dot on the pot with a Sharpie.  This helps for a while, until the dots fade.

Pink red

I make up names for color variations. White white has white buds and white blooms. White blush has white buds and blushing blooms, etc..

Happy Thanksgiving







6 thoughts on “Beauty By the Pot

      1. The apricot! I am having difficulties with the tropical transition on those, charbroiled a couple the first year. Summer is really different here and I would leave them outside in Atlanta. Thank you!

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  1. I would love the fuschia or gold blush if possible…thanks so much!! You are the best! I have been so excited about mine this year. I followed your advice, and they have been absolutely beautiful!!

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