Another Darling Baby

My other “Darling of Spring” is a tiny Columbine, ‘Little Lanterns’ Aquilegia canadensis.

It is always the first Columbine to bloom.

I have it right by the path into our house because it is less than 10 inches tall.

It will not be overlooked, however, because if its “fire engine red” blooms.

I have many varieties of Columbine that I will share later,

but this one is my most precious.

‘Little Lanterns’ Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis

I have one more itty-bitty plant to share, but you will have to wait several weeks for it.

Every day is an art show in April.

I hope you are out and about. It’s a beautiful world.


Little Lanterns

Columbines come in many sizes and colors.

My largest have purple blooms.  My most numerous have pink blooms.


The white bloomers stand out in shade.

My favorite is named Little Lanterns/ Aquilegia canadensis.


It usually resides in a hypertufa trough.

I put it in the ground over the winter to avoid freezing.

The pencil shows just how tiny it is.


The blooms look like tiny glowing lanterns.


I will be moving it back into a trough.

I had to lie down flat on my belly to get these photos.


Dirty again. I must remember to clean off the pencil before putting it back behind my ear.