The Most Magical Plant of All

If there were an official plant of the fairies, I bet it would be the foxglove.

They are magical plants.  They sow their own seeds. They change colors.

Even their flower shapes morph from year to year.

They seem to know where they belong and what form is needed.

Or is it the fairies that do it?

Every year I anticipate some surprises from my Digitalis purpurea.

This year there were several.    Some pinks got pinker.

Some whites turned half pink.

Some flower tubes got longer and narrower.


Some seeds sneaked into the bunny yard to germinate and had to be moved.  They are poisonous.

Foxgloves are so charming, they must be magic.


Mothers shouldn’t have favorites, but…

Since my flowers can’t read, I can tell you

that I prefer the poisonous Digitalis


above all my other flowers.


They make my heart race.


I have a weakness for their


spots and spires.


I try not to stare at them, but they are hypnotic.


They self- seed and I let them grow where ever they wish.

I can’t get enough of these lovely foxgloves.


Happy Mother’s Day

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