Old Home Place on the Hill

I wandered through the woods this afternoon.

Early spring is the best time to explore.

I visited the old home place on the hill.


The house was moved about a mile away when the road moved.

What remains of the former road bed has been reclaimed by nature.


Vinca marks the location of the yard.


Spirea bushes are located on each side, now covered with brambles.


I love finding old bricks where the house used to be.


There are thousands of daffodils on the hill.


I can almost see the mistress of the house walking along this path and watching the river.


As I walked back to my house, I wondered if my daffodils will mark my home place a hundred years from now.


I hope so.


Two to One

Sometimes flowers merge.

This is especially true for the cutest daffodil in the world, Tete a Tete.

It tends to grow two flowers to a stem.

Sometimes the two get smashed together.

Sometimes they fuse together.

Occasionally they join into a Siamese-twin type of flower.

These are at first noticeable due to their extra petals and larger cup/corolla.

If you look closely, you will notice two pistils, the female part , in the center.

Also double the number of stamens(male parts) surrounding them.

If you cut these blooms open, you will see there are still two separate ovules in the double-sized ovary.


The Cutest Daffodils in the World

I have many daffodils.


Tall and short, yellow and white, white and white, orange and white and even some doubles.


I love them all, but one type always stands out the most and shines the brightest.


Even though it is the tiniest.


I love it that there are clusters of them all over my gardens.


My parents gave me a pot of them blooming one spring over two decades ago.

I have been dividing them and sharing them for over twenty years.


They are like little spots of sunshine.

Tete a Tete is the cutest daffodil in the world.


It is a miniature Narcissus. Its name comes from the fact that many stems have two flowers.

They look like they are having a little chat.


I would like to mention the unusual vase that belonged to a dear friend Beth.


It has a eight-parted,  fluted, clear glass vase and a silver stand decorated with roses.


She would love to know that I have shared it on my blog.