My Crazy Clematis

I always wanted a purple clematis because my Gran had one growing up the side of her porch. I loved how it highlighted the side entrance and provided some shade. She had superb taste in everything… furniture, food or flowers.

I purchased a bare-root Jackman Clematis decades ago. I still have its package. That’s how I remember what I have and when I got it. It is also why my office is messy.

The Jackman clematis is supposed to bloom in summer, mine is covered with blooms now.

Jackman clematis

Another anomaly is that its blooms have differing numbers of petals. There are many five-petal blooms, but about as many four-petal and six-petal flowers. This breaks some botany rules.

I have looked at many photos of Jackman clematis on the internet. The variation shows up in some photos. I do not know why this plant is a shape-shifter.

All I know is that it is lovely and reminds me of my Gran and her beautiful home.


9 thoughts on “My Crazy Clematis

    1. Over 7. Roots shaded by other plants.
      Surely there is a variety that can perform in less sun. Mine was under a Crepe Myrtle that has been trimmed recently. I think that is why it has jumpstarted its blooming. It had more shade in previous years and was still lovely.


    1. That corner is coming along. There will be giant yellow lily blooms within days. Then the cardoon behind will add a more muted purple. Sometimes I get it right. It takes years of moving plants to get there. I am constantly moving and dividing.


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