Flow Grows Kudzu’s Cousin

I have learned my lesson. I will never order seeds off of the internet that are not from a known company.

Remember that my first set of seeds was supposed to be Flying Saucer Morning Glories.

Those bloomed weedy purple instead of blue and white. I had to do my first killing of the season.

Now my Lablab purpureus has formed seed pods that are NOT purple.

My neighbor accused me of growing Kudzu. https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/science/five-facts-kudzu-in-florida/

Anything that looks like Kudzu and grows like Kudzu does not belong in my garden.

It is not really Kudzu, but it is misbehaving by grabbing everything around it.

I have been removing the seed pods so it will not self-sow, but I have gotten behind.

It may be time for my second murder of the season.


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