The Fairies Go Camping

The fairies wanted to celebrate the Spring Equinox by going on a camping trip.

I agreed only if RBG went along to chaperone.

They seem to be having a great time.


Of course Wingrid, being a ghoul, must sleep during the day.


RBG has taken up fishing.


I hope this won’t encourage her to retire anytime soon.


Peacock needs to keep slathering on the sunscreen.


There’s nothing worse than burned blue skin.


I hope all of you are enjoying this first day of spring as much as the fairies.



How to Build a Fairy House

I learned a lot last weekend at the Fairy House Festival at Latta Plantation.

I had no idea that fairy architecture was so complex.


It seems that they like to have paths to their door.


Bark is their favorite roofing material.


Pine branches and pine cone are decorative accents.


Stones are stools and acorns are bowl.


Wisps of grass add flare.


Some like the teepee style of house


while others feel safer under ground


or inside a tree stump.


I must start gathering building materials to build my fairies a new house under the fig tree.

Stay tuned for updates.


The Storyteller’s Hat

I have many hats, but none compares to the Storyteller’s hat.

It seemed to store stories in its castle.  There was even a draw bridge on the front.

The storyteller’s name is Wisha Granty.

Storytelling is her part-time gig.  She is also a fairy godmother and a pirate named Captain Rowdy.

I met her at the Fairy House Festival at Latta Plantation.

I did not get to stay for her stories, but her hat told some tales of its own.

It seems that Bugs Bunny is friends with Tinkerbell who flies with dragons when Peter is elsewhere.

The Red Ridinghood wolf  is the supervisor over the Two(oops) Little Pigs.

Snow White is a security guard who works with a gargoyle to guard the drawbridge.

The wicked witch does advising atop the castle, coaching princesses to be more assertive.

The hat even had a Halloween side with a Jack-o-lantern, graves stones a ghost, and some gargoyles. I sensed some dark magic coming from this side of the hat.

The hat was so full of magic I was afraid to touch it.

Wisha Granty must be one heck of a storyteller and godmother if she owns a hat like that.

It was nothing short of a work of art.

Wisha had a hat like that.




Fairy Fashion

I learned a few fashion tricks this weekend at the Fairy House Festival.


I need to keep up with the trends while dressing my own fairies.

I was happy to see that sensible shoes are in.


I found an assortment of hats to accent any outfit.

Wings come in all shapes and sizes.

Hair embellishments are a necessity.


There was a wide variety of wands.

Those fairies have a magical flare for fashion.


I must pay closer attention.



A Whole Lot of Magic at Latta

If you were wondering where all the fairies had gone yesterday,


they were all down at Latta Plantation for the Fairy House Festival.


I have never seen some many fairies.


All colors, sizes and ages came to construct a magical fairy colony along the wooded paths in the Faylinn Village.


In additions to the construction of dwellings,



fairies could also get their faces painted, make crafts,


play games, listen to stories,


plant flowers, blow bubbles and learn about nature.

There were even flying lessons available for the bravest little fairies.


My next post will be on Fairy Fashion.  They have a flare for fashion!


Fairy Halloween Party

The fairies have a new hangout.  Since it is fall, I carved a pumpkin just for them.


They love all our human traditions for decorating and celebrating.

They like trick-or-treating

and bobbing for crabapples

and roasting marshmallows.


Blow that out PI!

Never trust a fairy with fire.

They spend most evenings together inside that pumpkin.

Oh, look.   They are in there now.   Let’s take a peek inside.

Looks like a Halloween party.


What’s this girls?   Gambling?


and alcohol?


Et tu Tink?  Wait ’til Disney hears about this.

I should have known when I saw Wingrid’s new bottle tree.


How old are fairies anyway?

FLOW is always the last to know.



Fairies Hire PI

When some serious snooping is needed, it may be necessary to hire PI.

No, not a Private Investigator, I mean a Super Hero.

Poison Ivy

She was here almost immediately to investigate the strange mushrooms.

She valiantly removed them from the nook in the fairy tree.

The she did a quick analysis to determine their toxicity.

They weren’t poisonous at all.  Actually, they were quite delicious.

PI then tracked down the Garden Ghoul.

Turns out she was checking the fairies out to see if THEY would make good neighbors.

Her name is Wingrid.  She hopes to move into Fernland under the fig tree.

Poison Ivy and Wingrid spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the stump discussing mushroom growing and sauteing methods.  They both use coconut oil.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Just because someone has extra arms, blue skin and no underpants, doesn’t mean they won’t make a good neighbor.

Welcome to the neighborhood Wingrid.

(But children, you still need to lock the door, wear clean underwear and not eat wild mushrooms.)





The Poison Ivy package says “vines included.”

It is a pesky tiny piece that I immediately lost in the yard and had to go back and search for.

This should be another tiny piece for the “magic box.”

All her joints seem to be ball-and-socket, so she is very pose-able. I am not sure how these tiny joints will hold up with much use. Also, her skirt makes it impossible for her to sit down. (Reality!)  I had to roll it up out of the way for the sitting pose. At least she had on undies.


Trouble Visits Fairyland

Oh yes, there’s trouble!  With a capital G.

A garden ghoul has been seen wondering around in the fairy garden.

I hope the fairies keep their door locked.


She is making herself right at home.


Checking out everything.


I hope she’s not thinking of moving into the neighborhood.


Whoa! Get that chick some undies. (Look away children.)


Oh good. It looks like she is leaving.


Wait. What is this?  Mushrooms? She planted mushrooms in the fairy tree.


I bet they are poisonous.

Oh yes, there’s trouble!




There are three of these by Monster High.( Beetrice, Lumina and Wingrid )The other two (not my Wingrid) only have two arms. Some tiny accessories may need to be stored in a “magic supplies box.”