The Magic Marble

The title of this post was supposed to be “Will the Magic Come Back?” My question was answered while I prepped for this post.

Rose gave me a tiny fairy door and shrub for Mother’s Day. I used to do fairy blog posts, but have not done one in a long time. It has felt like the magic had left.

I lost my daddy you see. I have to be an adult now. I still talk to him. Sometimes when strange things happen I ask out loud “Was that you Daddy?” Of course, he does not answer.

This week I cleaned out some drawers at their house. There was a bag of marbles in Daddy’s dresser. The old kind with stripes. I put the bag back. I thought it odd that Daddy kept marbles in his top drawer.

Today, in my garden I found a striped marble in the place I had just prepped for the blog post “Will the Magic Come Back?”

I did not see the marble before. Maybe it was unearthed as I watered the stones to clean them for photographs for this post.

I would like to believe that the fairies and my Daddy were answering my question. YES! The magic is back.

You believe whatever you want.


5 thoughts on “The Magic Marble

  1. Well, this is weird. My father had marbles in his top drawer as well and odd coins. I think he played marbles as a child. I haven’t found any, though I do have his rocks throughout my garden.

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