The Glass and the Sky

There was a spectacular sunset last week.

I watched it evolve as I was cooking.

Taking photos of it did not occur to me until my neighbor Nancy called to tell me to take my fancy camera outside to capture it.

As I rushed out of our library door, I snapped this picture of the glass matching the sky.

The sunset faded quickly.

Many photographers noticed the beauty in the sky and posted sunset pictures.

I am glad that we are watching the skies and looking for beauty and sharing it.

Let’s keep doing that.

It is important, especially now.

Flow on Glow

Posted in Art

10 thoughts on “The Glass and the Sky

    1. Thank you. I have told my engineer son to invent a tiny camera to hang on my glasses so I can look and snap instead of lugging around a camera or missing great shots because I do not have it handy.


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