Gates of Art

These four gates are on display in the North Carolina Arboretum

in Asheville, North Carolina.

It is one of my favorite places on Earth.

This post features only the gates by E. Vega.


The first design includes a man fishing.


The fish is golden.IMG_1980

The fisherman has great details.


The second gate features a farmer with a plow being pulled by a his horse.


The two of them are working very hard.


The third gate has a tree with one golden apple.


There is a serpent twisted around the trunk.


Reminds me of a story.


The fourth and final gate has many rings with a different creature in each.



I loved each one.

If you go visit the Arboretum, do not miss these.

They are off to the right of the entrance building, around a courtyard area.

I could have easily missed them, if I weren’t such a wanderer.

The details are amazing.

This E. Vega is brilliant at capturing the details of living beings

and recreating them in metals.

These gates are heavenly!



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