A Realist and an Idealist Clash

Nobody welcomes a reality check, no matter how much one is needed.

It is easier to see things the way you want to see them.

It is nice to ignore the ugly parts and focus on what is pretty.

My mind will not let me ignore things that need fixing.

My brain also knows when all the effort I can muster will not fix what is broken.

That is where I am today. I am accepting the fact that some things are broken.

This is my reality check. I am home letting it sink in. I guess we will be coasting from here.

Mama is 91. She refuses to stand and walk. She does not want to. She has that right.

My sitting by her bed and watching her not do physical therapy will not change things.

While Daddy was dying he kept telling me, “Take care of your family.”

I have spent weeks with Mama hoping she will improve. She is better mentally, but her fear prevents PT progress.

Rose needs me home. Mr. Flower needs me handling things here. I make a difference here.

I will be accepting the things that I cannot change. This is not the ideal, it is just what is real.


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