I have worked tirelessly in the garden these past two days. What I really wanted to do was sit and think, but since I am only home on the weekends, I forced myself to do what was needed. The “dogwood snow” of petals blowing down was appropriate.

We lost a precious friend yesterday. My mind has been on Sandra and the girls. They are strong. They will support one another.

Sandra is one of my friends that I contact when the “sky is falling.” I called her when my daddy was in hospice and his caregiver got Covid. Somehow she got a laugh out of me while I was hysterical. Sandra is who explains her faith to me when mine is flopping around like a fish out of water. Our children grew up together. We are “forever friends.”

So while I was weeding and raking and digging and sweating. I was following a line of concerned thoughts about the impact losing Don would have on my friend and her family.

I glanced over to see ‘Immortality’ glowing in the evening sun. Its pure white bloom was illuminated by bright light, like an angel.

My faith for myself may be like a floundering, gasping fish; but I know Don is in the heaven he so believed in. I am sure this faith is a comfort to his family as they grieve his absence on this earth.

Our time here is finite.


8 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. We also lost a close friend and are concerned about his wife, and talk about how it is changing our lives. In ways that we wouldn’t choose if we had a choice. I appreciated your post because it helps somehow to know that we aren’t walking this path alone.

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