Persian Berry Everywhere

Some hybrid bearded iris thrive and crowd out weaker forms. The dominant here used to be Banana Frappe’, then it became Night Affair. For the past several years the dominant hybrid has been the pink ‘Persian Berry.’

It is so prolific that the pink seems to over-power the other colors.

Persian Berry still makes a lovely display with all the purple and white in my gardens.

I keep removing patches that encroach too closely to my other hybrids. This is one of the struggles of gardeners. Some plants do not play fair and have to be reined in occasionally.

Persian Berry is beautiful but too much of a good thing is too much for other hybrids like ‘Little Much.’

I keep my most unusual bearded iris separate to prevent competition.

More iris to come. Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Persian Berry Everywhere

  1. Persian Berry is beautiful. What is the one behind it that seems to have creamy yellow standards and purple edged falls?
    Iris are my favorite flower. I look forward to seeing more of yours.
    We do hsve to keep the more exuberant ones in check.

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