Waiting for a Century

I clearly remember seeing my first Century Plant blooming on a beach outing years ago. I walked under the tall stalk of blooms in disbelief. My next encounter was in California. I made my friend, Lisa, turn the rental car around to drive back for photos.

Century plant blooming in Napa Valley California

Century plants actually take decades to bloom , not a century. Sadly, the plant dies after blooming.

I finally got two, tiny Century plants of my own while on Ocracoke Island. That is me under the stalk of a blooming Agave americana on Ocracoke Island.

One of my Agave was labeled ‘Whale’s Tongue.’ Both are years away from blooming. I am afraid to leave them out during the winter here in Zone 7.

I have seen several growing in yards, so maybe I will get brave and leave them out when they get too big to haul inside like this one.

Century Plant under tent in Charlotte, NC

They are quite dangerous. I must be careful when moving them and cleaning them off. Both plants have put out pups, so I will have a collection of them eventually.

I love their smoky blue color. I love their purple spikes.( Or is that my blood in the points?)

I like being able to see the symmetry of the largest one from above by looking over the deck railing.

FLOW with her slow plants

Blue Ginger Blooms

I ordered this ‘Blue Ginger’ from Logee’s Greenhouses in 2017. It finally bloomed.

It has gotten bigger these past six years. I have potted it up numerous times. It does have lovely purple edged leaves and purple striped stems, so the bloom is not it’s only attribute.

Still, I was pleased to see that something good happened while I was away. Ian turned over a few pots and broke one. Nothing else was damaged. We are fortunate.

Waiting six years for this Dichorisandra thyrsiflora to bloom is nothing extraordinary here. The Flower is playing the long game in her garden.

Next post will be about my two Century plants. Now, that is a long game!

FLOWER is home again