Waiting for a Century

I clearly remember seeing my first Century Plant blooming on a beach outing years ago. I walked under the tall stalk of blooms in disbelief. My next encounter was in California. I made my friend, Lisa, turn the rental car around to drive back for photos.

Century plant blooming in Napa Valley California

Century plants actually take decades to bloom , not a century. Sadly, the plant dies after blooming.

I finally got two, tiny Century plants of my own while on Ocracoke Island. That is me under the stalk of a blooming Agave americana on Ocracoke Island.

One of my Agave was labeled ‘Whale’s Tongue.’ Both are years away from blooming. I am afraid to leave them out during the winter here in Zone 7.

I have seen several growing in yards, so maybe I will get brave and leave them out when they get too big to haul inside like this one.

Century Plant under tent in Charlotte, NC

They are quite dangerous. I must be careful when moving them and cleaning them off. Both plants have put out pups, so I will have a collection of them eventually.

I love their smoky blue color. I love their purple spikes.( Or is that my blood in the points?)

I like being able to see the symmetry of the largest one from above by looking over the deck railing.

FLOW with her slow plants

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