Gran’s Green Vase

There were a few things from my Gran’s house that I really wanted. One of the must-haves was this green vase. It sat on the window sill of her dining room. Sometimes it held a Magnolia bloom from the tree by the drive.

When a magnolia was out of season, it held a plastic waterlily bloom with leaves. (It is being washed as I type. It was covered in dust.)

I was happy to have a Snow Country Dahlia bloom to fit the vase today. Rose and I brought in many flowers, herbs, tomatoes and peppers. I cannot predict when I will have time to harvest before the freeze, so we did most of that today. Drying herbs blog will follow.

I hope my family sees this blog and remembers the lovely home of our precious grandparents.

The object is treasured for the memories it holds.


10 thoughts on “Gran’s Green Vase

  1. That is a truly unique vase — and I’m sure you’ll treasure it (and the memories it will conjure up) for years to come. I have a little vase from each of my grandmothers and love to fill them with flowers too. Thanks for sharing your memory of you Gran.


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