September Sedum Show

I really admire the sedums for holding up to the August heat and then blooming afterwards.

I only water my small sedums in pots and troughs. The big plants in the yard are on their own.

I have three types with known hybrid names. The rest have been passed along or given to me without identification. These three are hard-working bloomers.

The hot pink one is aptly named ‘Brilliant’ because it really is showy.

‘Brilliant’ sedum

The more muted salmon, darker hybrid is ‘Matrona.’

‘Matrona’ sedum

The one I have had for several decades is ‘Autumn Joy.’

This plant is two-toned because the deer ate half of the shoots earlier in the summer. It recovered nicely.

‘Autumn Joy’ sedum

These three are covered with bees, wasps and butterflies all day long.

Their flowers are important to pollinators who still need food after most flowers have faded.


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