The Old, the New and a Big Red Shoe

Lynchburg is one of those historic cities that have old buildings neighboring new ones. Renovation and restoration exist side-by-side with new construction. I believe this effort is worth the extra time it takes to make progress.

Downtown has just the right amount of energy. It is walker friendly, but very hilly.

There is a new feature named Art Alley that adds vibrant color and art to a street that is blocked to traffic.

I was impressed with the use of natural vegetation on slopes instead of struggling to artificially landscape them. Hills are hell to manage, so letting nature do it is wise. I love vines!

The city is divided into Historic Districts which can be easily navigated on foot. If the hills are too much for you, there is a walkway and park along the river and railroad tracks.

This is my second stay at the beautiful Craddock Terry Hotel which was originally a shoe factory. They have an excellent restaurant, The Shoemaker. The big windows and high, wooden ceilings make it charming.

I enjoyed wandering the streets again this visit. There is so much to pause and ponder on. I always wish I had more time there.

I was happy to be taken by car to the Diamond Hill District. I was not looking forward to hauling my Covid pounds up to that altitude. My new friends Jennifer and Mary were kindly patient during my forays out of the car to take photos. (Thanks ladies)

Cary DeVall Langhorne House

Lynchburg is doing a great job of moving forward without mowing down its history. I like that balance of respect and practicality. Careful progress is slower, but better in the long run.

I am a fan of Lynchburg. I do recommend comfortable shoes and a water bottle. Hauling around a big camera is worth the effort. There are interesting sights everywhere.

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