My Three Hibiscus

These three have been babied into blooming. They require more attention than most of my plants. I get rewarded in late August by their unbelievably beautiful blooms. These started out in the same pot last year. I named them ‘The Hibiscus Circus.’ They grew too large for their container and were separated in early spring. These are tropical, so they must come inside for winter in my Zone 7 location.

The double orange has been blooming for weeks.

It got re-potted many weeks before the other two. This one is a gorgeous color. Its symmetry is sometimes messy, but when it is balanced it resembles a pinwheel.

The pink bloomed for the first time earlier this week.

Even the back is beautiful.

The complex pistil of hibiscus is amazing.

The red burst open this morning.

Its pistil end is dusted with pollen.

I love that these three burst into bloom just as most of my other flowers are waning. What a show!


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