All Aboard

Our family rode in an open-air car on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad this Saturday. It was ideal for me because I could sit, stand, walk around and breathe fresh air. (I am still afraid of catching Covid.)

Our steam engine #1702 pulled us along the banks of the Nantahala River.

Steam and kudzu

There were folks riding the river on rafts and in kayaks.

Old farms and barns dotted the landscape.

Many structures were about to be swallowed by kudzu. (an invasive weed)

This is the oldest house in Swain County. It is the deHart house with a fascinating history. It’s hard to separate fact from fiction about it.

We had an hour stop at the Nantahala Outdoor Center as we waited for the passengers who rafted down the river to catch up to the train.

We had some entertainment in route. Mountain man Tim dropped by to tell stories about the Mountains and the Cherokee. His attire was worth inspection.

Brakeman Montana also visited our car to answer questions about the train and the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed the ride up and down the river.

Diesel engines pulled us back.

Stay tuned for the floating houses on Fontana Lake.


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