The Voodoo Trio

Gardening is such an emotional past-time. It is like leaving your children outside to fend for themselves. I have had several scares with my new Voodoo lilies. The latest involved the baby.

I now have three Amorphophalus konjac plants, thanks to the Popes. The big one came first, then a medium and a small. The small baby dried up soon after arrival. I was worried that my plans for a Devil’s Tongue Triangle had been foiled. The baby finally sent up a new shoot.

New green-tipped shoot to right of stick.

I am happy to report that its leaf has emerged.

Baby Voodoo lily with my toes for scale

Now the three are visible and the triangle is complete. It reminds me of the story about the three bears which makes me Goldie Locks.

Three Amorphophalus konjacs

I am pleased to say that the “Voodoo Trio” is thriving under the fig tree from my godmother. Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it?

Goldie Locks/Flow

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