Sunday Scenes

I took photos as I wandered around the yard donating blood to the mosquitoes.

It is hot and dry. Our sprinklers and soaker-hoses are preparing our gardens for another scorcher day in North Carolina.

Instead of featuring a single type of plant today, I have chosen to post a sampler of what my plants are doing on this sultry Sunday morning.

One of the Night Blooming Cereus is making buds along its leaf margins.

Some sunflowers are glowing and buzzing while others are nodding with heavy seeds.

The largest butternut squash are mellowing in color.

The orange hibiscus is blooming again.

The begonia has blooms hanging low.

The Sweet 100 tomatoes are ripening faster that I can pick them.

The Creeping Fig is creeping over the Lily and Moss statues again. It should be called Leeping Fig!

Happy Sunday from Flower Roberts

9 thoughts on “Sunday Scenes

  1. Everything looking good Flower… And oh my own poor begonia’s drooping on the patio in the heat.. It is ideal for your Tomatoes though…. and too hot to make soup with the extras too 😉
    Ouch to those mosquitoes …..
    Hope you stay cool dear Flower ❤

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    1. I am not out in it long. I get frustrated seeing all that needs to be done and then retreating back into the house.
      Pots need water every day. It is hot until after dark or a storm.
      Begonias are mostly water, so when they wilt it is obvious and pitiful.
      I think I am getting too old to keep this up. I hope to have a Plant Purge Party next spring.

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      1. Yes I sympathise… It was a case of watering at 5 am before the the heat got intense… As it was still hot at 9, 10 at night…
        I brought some begonias indoors as the heat shrivelled petals up outside.. the Hydrangea’s too, look pitiful now where the full sun caught them… So I feel for you Flower… ❤ Its exhausting work.. ❤

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