They Love the Rainy Nights

We have had several good rains these past few days. The storm two nights ago was particularly long and drenching. It was also loud. No not the thunder…the local frogs and toads.

The cacophony of mating calls was constant and deafening. At one point an amphibian attached itself to the screen of my bedroom window(closed of course) which magnified his vocals. I laughed out loud.

Last night the chorus was totally silent. I guess the party had petered out. They did leave evidence of their activity in the koi pond.

I try to keep the fish well fed, so maybe a few eggs will be spared.

Some of the eggs have started to elongate.

A restless night is worth it to watch these develop into tadpoles…hopefully.

Amphibians love the rainy nights, but Mr. Flower does not.


2 thoughts on “They Love the Rainy Nights

  1. We had our first rain in weeks last night. It was only .32″, but when it stopped and I went out, there were frogs and crickets and who knows what setting up quite a racket. It was wonderful! I still haven’t seen a frog this year, but I’m hopeful.

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