The Wrongs of Man

I try to keep my angst and anger off my blog. There is too much of it everywhere.

Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by wrongs… drowning in wrongs.

This weekend was one of those times. Man against nature. Man against man.

Some wrongs cannot be righted,

but we must try…

Here is an elk by the side of a busy highway eating Kudzu with a fake wreath stuck on an antler.

Count the wrongs if you like.

I will add it was in Cherokee, NC.

We visited the brilliantly designed Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Go when it is not crowded. Listen to every word, read each placard, study each diorama and photo.

Slowly walk through a history of a beautiful nation and some wrongs that cannot be righted,

but we must try.

Be careful with each decision. Everything matters.

What you say, what you buy, what you eat, what you leave lying around…


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