The Right Plant in the Right Place

It seems like placing a plant would be easy.

Partial sun, full sun, no sun? Well-drained soil, moist soil, wet soil? Shallow pot, deep pot?

The plant will let you know if it is unhappy. Then, it is your job as its caregiver to figure out what is wrong and change its habitat.

I rarely get it right the first try, despite reading labels and doing research.

I have moved most plants in my yard at least once. This includes shrubs and small trees.

Moving pots is easier, but still requires experimentation.

I finally found the perfect place for my Red Epiphyllum. Its one of the ‘Hanging Weirdos.’

It was just fine hanging from a limb of the Crepe Myrtle until we cut it back. A new spot was scouted out. A new hook was placed under the deck on the south side of the house.

Viola! More growth, more blooms.

It is striking against the stucco wall.

Pay attention to your unhappy plants. They need a change. Maybe you need one as well?


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