It is Not June Yet

Spring gets me rushing around in the garden. I am always behind… dig, weed, seed, weed, water, feed, weed.

I spotted my first daylily bloom yesterday. It was Emperor Butterfly down on the bunny bank. Excuse me, it is not June.

Emperor Butterfly daylily

It is bad enough to have all the weeds zooming ahead of schedule. Now my own flowers are showing me up.

Not one but three daylilies are blooming. “It is still May.” I say!

Whooperee was actually first because I spotted a spent bloom on it from the day before. Its juicy blooms are a deer favorite.

Whooperee Daylily

I guess the hot temperatures last week fooled them.

Nutmeg Spice burst into bloom this morning, although its not June.

Nutmeg Spice daylily

I guess its time to sprinkle Deer Scram. I’d best hurry… sprinkle, weed, dig, weed, feed, deadhead, weed.

I think I am getting too old to garden.

Slower Flower

8 thoughts on “It is Not June Yet

  1. Lovely blooms, Flow. I hear ya on trying to do it all with an aging body. I’m learning to let a fair bit of it go. I simply don’t move as fast or go as long as I used to!


  2. Nice daylilies. I don’t think my place is ideal for them, but you’re right about applying deer repellent. I’ve been squirting it on plants I know they like, and so far it’s working.
    I’ve been putting off a few onerous projects, like deadheading the lilac bush. It’s huge, so I’ll have to wrestle the 3-legged pruning ladder out of the garage.

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