Lifesaver starfish Plant

This plant throws its parts around. No nearby pot is safe from a well tossed arm.

When this plant arrived from Logee’s, I sent back a complaint that the pieces were not even rooted yet.

Their short response was…It does not matter. Now, I know why. No roots needed. Neglect necessary.

Something must have signaled this Huernia zebrina /Lifesaver Plant to bloom now.

Huernia zebrina

Each pot, no matter its location, is blooming.

Its blooms are too perfect to seem real.

Huernia zebrina/ Life Saver Plant

It thrives on neglect with full sun and very little water.

This may be the perfect plant for you “Black Thumb” folks.


8 thoughts on “Lifesaver starfish Plant

      1. Our rainy season is about to start, so I’ll be putting potted succulents back inside. Maybe next summer I’ll put it out near the tomatoes in pots on the black asphalt driveway–that should heat up its bottom!


  1. Hey, i have the same plant and a blog post talking about it .. ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜… question, mine is currently outside in full to partial sun, how often should I water it? Yours looks ideal

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