A Plant with a Promise (and a Problem)

I spent money on an annual in July. Why would I?

Because it had variegated leaves and a promise.

‘Monarch Promise’ is its hybrid name. Asclepias curassavica is its scientific name.

I wait patiently for Monarch butterflies every summer.

I am lucky if I see one.

I have other types of milkweed, but this one is special. The bloom colors are also two-toned.

My big surprise was that the pods were also striped.

Asclepias ‘Monarch Promise’

I will be saving these seeds BUT NOT bringing the plant’s pot inside over the winter.

Sometimes it is okay to buy an annual in July.

Now you know why.


UPDATE: One of my knowledgeable readers,Eliza Waters, sent me this link about THIS lovely plant causing problems for our precious Monarchs.


I am in ZONE 7, the plant can overwinter in Zone 10. I will be tossing the plant and saving the seeds instead.


2 thoughts on “A Plant with a Promise (and a Problem)

  1. There is a lot of talk about that particular milkweed down here. The latest advice is cut it back to the ground and let it regrow and that gets rid of the problem.. Believe it or not I have a hard time growing any of them except Hairy Balls. Which I really don’t like. Sigh.

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